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Now I get it

In the spring of this year many people were confused by a report from a newly minted Obama administration. Why is right-wing extremism the rising threat to American security? After all, the report says that the Department of Homeland Security  “has no specific information that domestic right-wing terrorists are currently planning acts of violence.” I guess someone has to be the bad guy, but why the right-wing?

What did our security picture look like leading up to the report? We hadn’t been hit on American soil since 9/11 and the new stance on terrorism was moving from a war to law enforcement strategy.  We foiled close to 20 terrorist plots between 9/11 and the beginning of the year. There had been a number of violent acts (Beltway sniper, Salt Lake, North Carolina, Seattle) committed by individuals in the name of Islam. These aren’t “real” terrorists though, they didn’t coordinate with Al Qaeda or any other person or group (read the 4th from the bottom paragraph) that promotes Jihad. Any “real” plot had been broken-up and everything else can be written off by some other motive. Obviously we have this terrorism thing all wrapped up and we can move on.

What has happened since this report?  Well there were a few plots (Bronx, Subway, Dallas) broken up and a few individual shooters, including the Fort Hood shooting, that the country is trying so hard to label as an individual with “other motives”. It was in the search for “other motives” that I found the answer to my confusion with the report’s findings.

It’s plain as day to educated folks that a man who has for years endorsed extremist Islamic views and supported violent attacks would not go on a shooting rampage for ideological reasons. Something else must have been driving him. Could it have been that he felt persecuted because of his Muslim faith, or that the military is putting too much stress on its solders? My favorite excuse is pre-traumatic stress disorder as said on NPR. He hadn’t been sent to the war yet so it must have been the thought of war that sent him over the top.

Pre-traumatic stress disorder is the answer to my question. Many in the new Obama administration knew how far left or socialist his agenda was going to be. They assumed that since left-wing extremist get violent (more examples here, here, here and here ) when they are faced with right or capitalist governance, that the right-wing would behave similarly. Just the thought of living under a leftist government should push the right-wing “nut-jobs” to violence. That qualifies as pre-traumatic stress disorder.

With conservatives being the largest ideological group, and a percentage of those being “right-wing extremists” there is a large group of people for the left to worry about. I can’t say that I blame them with all of the pre-traumatic stress violence (oh the humanity) already taking place. Can you imagine the utter chaos that will break out when the democrats start passing their agenda?! That is if the right-wing reacts like the left-wing.

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